Philips Hue E14 filament light comes in a white ambiance version

In the USA, the smallest filament light from the Philips Hue range is now also available as a white ambiance version.

Will it also come to Germany as an E14 version?

A bit of news just spilled over from the US. At Amazon you will find a Philips Hue E12 filament light with white ambience technology. We don’t have this version, but the counterpart would be the usual E14 version.

The technical data shows 350 lumens, which is a full 50 lumens brighter than the normal white variant. According to the data sheet, the light spectrum is between 2,200 and 4,500 Kelvin.

Image source: Amazon

While there is no information yet on an E14 version in Germany, the launch of the E12 variant in the USA indicates that we can expect such a bulb here as well. The white ambiance technology allows a light source to emit either cold or warm white light.

In the US, a price of around $45 per light is advertised. This is of course quite steep for a single lamp. Especially if you want to equip a kind of chandelier with it, as in the picture. As soon as there is news about the start in Germany, I will of course give you an update.

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