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August 5, 2022: Sparkasse and Postbank in the phishing radar

Today we couldn’t find any particular focus in our phishing radar. With the subject line “Urgent update”, we received a new phishing attempt aimed at the customers of the savings bank directs. With this phishing mail, the scammers made it particularly easy for themselves. Allegedly there is new “important information” in your online banking account, to which you have to react by August 6th, 2022. Of course, the e-mail includes a link that pretends to lead to the online banking login page.

We also received a phishing attempt involving the BestSign app of the postal bank used for fraudulent purposes. Allegedly, your access to the BestSign security procedure will expire on 08/05/2022. You can easily extend access via the link in the email.

Don’t let the short deadlines unsettle you. This is a typical phishing scam designed to put pressure on inexperienced consumers. Move this phishing attempt to the spam folder unanswered to protect yourself from data misuse.

05.08.  Postbank BestSign message important ticket ID.png