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Phoenix coach Mark Rudan leaves Wellington at the end of the season

The coach, who has revived Wellington Phoenix, will leave the club sensational after just one season, but his next goal remains unclear.

Mark Rudan has been hotly followed by Western United for his impressive work with Wellington, who is currently in fourth place on the A-League table, and is still in season hunting with just three games still in search of a home game.

Although he has declined to specifically comment on the potential to leave Wellington for an A-League rival, Rudan has openly stated that he can no longer live off his family, who currently lives in Sydney, and this will be the The main factor being an upcoming resignation will be announced by the club.

"In hindsight, I would not have taken it if I had known it would be that hard," Rudan said stuff in January, and it seems that his desire to be with his family just gotten stronger with the season.

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Rudan has also publicly called on the club's owner group to raise standards at the Phoenix and called for more investment to build on the success of the 2018-1919 season by offering a marquee deal to team up with Golden Boot leader Roy to fight Krishna and the creation of a center of excellence at the top of his wish list.

Yeah, I'm pretty clear, I'm driven and ambitious and they know what they get from me, I made it pretty clear, are discussions "yes", he said in February.

However, it seems that these demands have fallen on deaf ears, with his frustration over the lack of ambition of the club's owners another key factor in his decision to leave.

While he has refused to publicly comment on his future in recent weeks, he initially referred to stories of his family situation and his calls for more investment before refusing to comment. stuff He knows he gave his blessing to the club to start looking for a replacement, with Warren Joyce of Melbourne City a surprising target.

One source said Rudan made his decision three weeks ago and even made his own recommendations for his possible replacement.

Despite signing for two years, the source announced that the Phoenix had included an eight-week notice clause in his contract, and Rudan even questioned it before he put the pen on paper.

But this clause allows him to return to Australia, where he will likely compete against the Phoenix, as he will be the next job, provided he becomes the hottest coach on the market. Although, where or whether he will train next season remains unclear.

Western United, an ambitious club seeking to use its campgrounds, has long been the favorite to secure Rudan's services, and they have already captured Phoenix goalkeeper Filip Kurto, but it's also known to be a second A-League club , Adelaide United, has already done a piece for the passionate Australian considering his wonders with Wellington.

Adelaide has already confirmed that coach Marco Kurz will leave the club at the end of the season to pave the way for a possible reunion with Rudan, who has ended his career in South Australia.

There is also the possibility that Rudan can take a year off – an option he has publicly announced. The arrival of Macarthur South-West Sydney in the A-League in the period 2020-21 threatens given the proximity of his family to the club a tantalizing prospect.

Regardless of where he goes, it is a big blow to the Phoenix for Rudan to leave after only one season as he has had an incredible impact on the club, making him a real title contender within the club in no time at all for his contagious self-confidence and faith.

He was not only able to get the most out of his squad, with strikers Roy Krishna and David Williams, but also a kiwi core for a team that had lost its New Zealand identity and role in the US. Revival can not be underestimated become.

Young New Zealand prospects Callan Elliot, Gianni Stensness and Ben Waine all played their A-League debuts during Rudan's term while Sarpreet Singh, Alex Rufer, Liberato Cacace and Louis Fenton were the first XI regulars.

Rudan has stated that both the club and the country have won him over emotionally during his tenure, and if his family situation had been different, he might have stayed to complete the project he had started.

But some things are more important than football, and for Rudan his family situation was a deal breaker.

The only problem now is that Rudan's success with the Phoenix could lead to a mass exodus, as only six players have signed contracts for the upcoming season.

Although the Phoenix is ​​in for a major rebuild next season, it will be a great task if star players like Captain Andrew Durante, Krishna and Williams are not going to help. It is imperative that the club pull out all the stops to keep them for the upcoming season, to reduce the deduction of Rudan's farewell.


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