Phoenix Contact investiert in E-Mobility

Transformation E Phoenix Contact investiert in E-Mobility

The electrical engineering manufacturer expects sales to grow by 25 percent in 2021. The focus was on the further development of the site in Blomberg and China as well as the expansion of e-mobility in Poland.

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“In addition to the pandemic, the greatest challenges in 2021 were on the material supply side,” says Ulrich Leidecker, COO at Phoenix Contact.

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From today’s perspective, the electrical engineering company Phoenix Contact is anticipating a 25 percent increase in sales and total sales of 2.95 billion euros for the 2021 financial year. “The growth is unusually uniform in all regions that are important to us, such as Germany, Europe, America and Asia, and is over 20 percent everywhere. The same applies to the business units, ”explains Ulrich Leidecker, Chief Operating Officer. With the turnover, the number of employees also grows to almost 20,000 worldwide.

Biggest challenge: material supply

In addition to the pandemic, according to Leidecker, the biggest challenges this year were on the material supply side. “It started with one of the coldest winters in Texas. There were plant downtimes and considerable production losses for key components in plastics production, ”explains the COO. Furthermore, the Suez Canal was blocked for several weeks, with the floods in Germany the supply of many copper and steel alloys together. “The tense situation on the semiconductor market is also becoming a limiting factor in the further development of the entire German and global industrial landscape and will accompany us well into 2022,” emphasizes Leidecker.

Investment volume of 180 million euros

In total, Phoenix Contact states an investment volume of around 180 million euros for 2021. “The total would actually have been higher, but the overall poor supply situation led to delivery bottlenecks for machines and systems. This means that the level of investment is again at a similar level to that in 2019, ”comments the COO. The focus was on the further development of the location in Blomberg and China as well as the expansion of the production capacities of Phoenix Contact E-Mobility in Poland.

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At the beginning of October, the company opened a new Phoenix Contact E-Mobility production site in the Rzeszów-Dworzysko Science Park in Poland. According to the company, production started at the beginning of 2021. In the new e-mobility plant alone, seven million euros were invested in machines and systems. AC charging cables and infrastructure charging sockets for AC charging stations and wall boxes as well as vehicle charging sockets are manufactured on eight production lines on an area of ​​15,000 square meters. There should be ten production lines by the end of the year. “Around 125 kilometers of charging cables are manufactured every week. The European and American markets are to be primarily supplied from Poland, ”says Leidecker.

The charging infrastructure urgently needs to be expanded, but finding the right locations is not a trivial matter.

Focus on sustainability

The Blomberg-based company is increasingly focusing on sustainability. “With our self-imposed goal of a global CO2-We are consistently working on the neutrality of the entire company, ”says Leidecker. According to the company, Germany has been CO since the beginning of 20212-neutral, in Europe since July. The next and most difficult step is then the supply chain. “We have set ourselves a framework for this by 2030 at the latest,” comments Leidecker.

From the point of view of automation technology, the goal of sustainability represents an economic opportunity. B. nationwide electric mobility is to be implemented. Factories have to be digitized, sectors have to be coupled, energy converted and stored if sustainability is the goal. And electrical and automation technology will be used everywhere. A time lies ahead of us that offers our entire industry exceptional growth potential, ”predicts Leidecker. With its “All Electric Society” perspective, Phoenix Contact has started to align the entire range of products and services to this goal.

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