PHOENIX – A phoenix father was arrested after the doctors found out he had shaken his son on two separate occasions.

According to police documents, officials were summoned to a home in Phoenix on Monday afternoon in which a child reportedly did not breathe.

Father, 24-year-old Andrew Pittman, met with officials and told them he gave a bottle to his 4-month-old son and put him to sleep in his crib. Five minutes later, he said the child was not breathing.

The baby was taken to the Phoenix Children's Hospital, where medical professionals diagnosed subdural haemorrhage and complications from trauma.

There were also indications of an older subdural haemorrhage.

The police interviewed Pittman, who admitted to shaking the baby while he cried in the afternoon nap. He said he also shook the kid in December.

He was sent to prison for two reasons for child abuse.


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