Photo: A ship built by ‘ASK Enterprise’ is launched into the water in Saulkrasti

In a solemn ceremony on Friday, March 24, the first ship built by the shipbuilding company “ASK Enterprise” this year was launched in the port of Skulte in Zvejniekciem of Saulkrasti county, Saulkrasti municipality informs.

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According to the representatives of the company, such a ship was built in five months and, unlike other built ships, it stands out with its burgundy color. The ship was named “Karianne” and Baiba Stjade, head of the Communication and Tourism Department of the Saulkrasti municipality, was chosen as the ship’s godmother. Before launching the ship, she smashed a bottle of champagne against it, traditionally consecrating the new ship and wishing it good sailing winds while sailing in Norwegian waters.

Immediately after the launch of the “Karianne” ship, the keel will be laid for the future ship frames in the shipyard. “The work does not stop for a moment. For our team, the launching of each ship is a big celebration, because it only proves that by introducing modern production technologies, our company is constantly developing, and by improving the company’s management system and learning new markets, we are able to launch up to for even 5 large-sized ships, while approximately 25 more ship hulls are transported by land,” says company representative Irēna Kupriyanova.

The company “ASK Enterprise” located in the Saulkrasti district has been engaged in the construction of ships, motorboats, catamarans hulls since 2010, but the company itself was founded in 1991 and initially in Riga engaged in the construction and repair of steel ship hulls.

It was in Saulkrasti in 1857 that the first sailing ship in Latvia with a carrying capacity of more than 100 registered tons named “Victoria” was built, which was built in Pabažu jūrmalciem by the farmer of Pabažu parish Pēteris Balodis from the village of Pēterupes. Between 1852 and 1913, 52 (probably more) sailboats were built on the coast of Saulkrasti.

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