PHOTO Astrid Nelsia apparent nipples on Instagram, her photo in lingerie makes her subscribers fantasize

Monday June 28, 2021, Astrid Nelsia seized her Instagram account to unveil a new very sexy shot of her. The reality TV star appears in see-through lingerie. A very sexy piece revealing her nipples …

With each of her publications, Astrid Nelsia hypnotizes her subscribers. Thomas Adamandopoulos’ best friend, aka Toto in Angels of NRJ12, uses his Instagram account as a showcase to reveal the results of his multiple cosmetic surgery operations. Indeed, the young woman gave in several times to the call of the scalpel, in particular to enlarge the volume of his chest but also from his lips. But recently, Astrid Nelsia confided that her last lip injections had not produced the desired effect: “I have a new problem. My injections are going up. And that’s been for two years. I decided to take everything off. Then I decided to put it back and there it is still going up.”, she said, panicked, on Instagram.

Astrid Nelsia, who reassured Internet users by telling them that she was going to take a “antidote” for everything “eliminate“had then insisted on doing prevention. “Don’t get your lips injected just anywhere. Really go to real medical graduates.”, she advised her 1.4 million subscribers.

“We want to see more”

A few days later, Astrid Nelsia seems to have recovered from her emotions. Indeed, Monday, June 28, 2021, the young woman unveiled a new shot of her on which, this time, she does not only reveal her face. We can find it in transparent lingerie to reveal her pretty shapes. Her very sexy lace bra gives a glimpse of her nipples. It did not take more to raise the temperature on social networks. “The nicest and the most beautiful my baby”, commented his girlfriend Jelena. “My wife“, “I love you” or “we want to see more pictures like that on Instagram”, can we also read in comments posted by anonymous subscribers. Heat…

Astrid Nelsia on Instagram

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