PHOTO. Huge rainbow trout caught in Lake Tarnita. He struggled for 4 hours to get the fish out of the water!


Cluj senator Vasile Ilea caught a rainbow trout, about a meter long, in the waters of Tarniţa lake. The senator claims that he fought for four hours to bring the fish to the surface, and in the end he had to jump into the water to catch it, writes Adevărul.

The trout was caught spinning, being hunted on the surface of the lake. The fish was a meter long. According to experts, trout normally reach between 25–30 cm in length and 0.8-1.6 kg in weight, reaching extremely rarely a length between 50 and 90 centimeters and a weight of 15 kg.

Vasile Ilea fought for 4 hours with the trout until he managed to bring it to the surface. the most appreciated tourist areas in Cluj County. Over time, other large fish have been caught here, and locals say that in the deep waters there are even larger fish, real monsters, which are very rarely seen or caught by fishermen.



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