Photo: Insight into the new domestic comedy series “Trustee”

The next-generation Go3 TV will soon feature a new domestic series, The Trustee, a criminal comedy that tells the story of five eventful series about financial manipulation and those who engage in it. Premiere of the TV series Go3 – December 1.

The main character of the series, Artis, played by Yuri Djakonov, helps his clients to register companies and open bank accounts through fictitious companies with fictitious board members. An hour before leaving for her own wedding, Artis finds out that one of his clients has a blocked account. To unlock the account, Artim has to find the owner of a fictitious company, Jana (Marija Linarte), whose account has been frozen for a few million euros.

The image I portrayed is an adventurer, in a way similar to Ostap Bender, who is one of my favorite literary characters. Artis may not be a very good person, but in the course of events he will learn something more about himself and life as such, ”says the protagonist Artis, Yuri Djakonov.

“Trustee” has definitely been one of my favorite projects. Jana, on the other hand, is probably one of my alter egos, one of the many possibilities I could have myself. This image is a collaboration of the entire filming team, and all I had to do was jump in and live, ”said actress Maria Linarte about her role.

Director Yuri Skorobogatov describes the series as a story about the interaction between man and the environment: “The series” Trustee “is about how the environment affects a person’s consciousness. How do people, in uncharacteristic circumstances, learn to play by strange rules? The recipe is to do things from the heart, otherwise the environment may devour you. ”

Actors of Liepāja Theater Egons Dombrovskis and Kaspars Gods, as well as actors Mārcis Lācis, Zane Alļēna, Niklāvs Kurpnieks, Ģirts Krūmiņš, Marija Bērziņa, Liene Šmukste, Ritvars Gailums and others also play important roles in the project. The series will feature a song created by Ozols and music by Kārlis Auzāns.

Cameraman Aigars Sērmukšs, artist Kārlis Balodis, costume designer Anastasija Golubeva, make-up specialist Ilona Zariņa and other experienced film professionals took care of the visual solution of the project. Oskar Rupenheit, the director of the film “Criminal Excellence Foundation” and the author of the screenplay, also participated in the project as a co-author of the screenplay.

“We are working on creating the series for the first time. This is also a challenge for the new director Yuri Skorobogatov. It is a great pleasure for me that the filming phase was exciting and challenging for us, when we were able to realize our creative tasks.

The filming time was also great due to the fantastic group and actors, as well as the response of many involved and supporters. I am convinced that the series “Trustee” will address its audience and will be an interesting contribution to the offer of domestically created content, “said project producer Antra Cilinska.

The project is produced by Juris Podnieks studio – an award-winning film and multimedia production company with more than 30 years of experience. The new director Yuri Skorobogatov received his film education at the National Film School and has already proven himself by making both a diploma film “Screwdriver” and other short films. The material filmed for the series will also become a feature film, which will reach viewers in the spring.

The series will be available on the next generation television Go3 as early as December 1, but the feature film will premiere throughout Latvia in the spring of 2022.