Photo: Investing more than 200,000 euros, ‘’ has opened a new store in Riga

The online shopping center “”, investing more than 200,000 euros, has opened the largest three-way concept store in Riga, at Krasta Street 52, combining on-site sales, a reception point for goods purchased on the Internet and a warehouse. From now on, this store will act as the main “” customer center for receiving goods ordered on the Internet and purchasing goods on the spot, company representatives inform.

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In the new, it will be possible to buy more than 6,000 products, which customers will be able to view in person and buy immediately, or use fast delivery for goods ordered on the Internet, picking them up in the store within an hour of making the purchase. At the same time, thanks to the expanded warehouse, the next-day delivery service will be significantly developed, as well as the logistics of Marketplace sellers will be improved.

The area of ​​the new store’s sales hall and goods reception reaches 690 m2, while the warehouse space – almost 950 m2. The warehouse premises will be used both for receiving goods purchased on on the same or the next day, as well as for processing items sold by Marketplace sellers. Another 560 m2 has been allocated for office space, providing 80 workplaces.

The opening of the new store is a strategic step of the company to concentrate all the pillars of the company’s operation in one place, thus promoting both the availability of goods and faster circulation, says “” regional manager Mārtiņš Pūpols. “The new store is the flagship of our brand, with the largest presence show room hall, where customers will be able to see and buy goods of various popular categories,” adds the company’s representative.

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The product categories represented more widely in the store are perfumery, cosmetics, small household appliances, electronics, children’s goods, garden goods and household goods.

Pūpols also points out that the location of the new store was chosen purposefully, thinking about the growing number of Marketplace sellers joining the trading platform. “Marketplace has become the cornerstone of’s operations and helps build our growing customer base, providing an unprecedented volume of products and variety of product categories. Currently, more than 50,000 orders from Marketplace sellers are processed every month in the warehouse at Krasta iela 52, and we expect that this volume will grow. At the same time, this level of warehouse allows us to further develop the Marketplace seller segment,” he adds.

As of today, 16 employees will work at the new goods receiving point, but in response to the intensity of the flow of buyers, it is planned to increase it to 20 employees, thus ensuring that the receipt of goods purchased on the Internet is as convenient as possible for buyers.