PHOTO – Isabelle Balkany with her head bleeding: her impressive accident

Isabelle Balkany came close to the drama, this Tuesday, November 23. It is on Twitter that the wife of Patrick Balkany shared a photo of her head in blood, telling the story of an impressive accident. Fortunately, she’s doing pretty well.

Rare are the days when Isabelle Balkany does not seize her Twitter account to communicate with her subscribers. She lets her know her favorites, her rants and also shares moments of her daily life. This Tuesday, November 23, it is an impressive accident which the wife of Patrick Balkany recounted. The former deputy mayor of Levallois published a picture of his bleeding head.

Whoops ! Accident unnatural with a laurel and a shear …, wrote Isabelle Balkany. Maybe, without a doubt, certainly because I am a (fake) blonde“Fortunately, more fear than harm for the 74-year-old politician. And if the head is a place that bleeds quickly, it’s doing pretty well.”But, all ok, Dr Patrick Balkany assured me that the brain is not affected, laughs the mother of the family, also a grandmother. And the result of the size is nice, right?

“The brain is not affected”

His subscribers quickly reacted to his post. Most of them worrying about her and giving her their support. “Two fingers of the ear less, do not mutilate yourself like that, people like youone of them jokes.Ooh the violence ! Both sizes are …. perfect“, writes another. Fortunately, everything seems to have gone for Isabelle Balkany who, a few hours later, tweeted this time about Julie Pirin, candidate of the adventure Top Chef Objective. When she’s not tackling the government over the health crisis, Patrick Balkany’s wife is full of ideas for using her favorite social network.

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Photo credits: Christophe Clovis / Bestimage