PHOTO: it became the best TV series of the year so far – “Big Fools” made by local jokers

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In the main roles of the series: Kristaps Strūbergs (participant of “Singapore Satin”), comedian and also “Singapore Satin” participant Edgars Bāliņš, actors Pauls Iklāvs, Elīna Bojarkina and Aminata Grieta Diarra, musician Roberts Gobziņš, comedian Jolanda Suvorova and others.

Here’s a look behind the scenes at the series:

From January 1, the series will be available in eight series in the “Shortcut” app, which is also available on the “Helio iTV” – at any time and on any screen – TV, computer or smartphone.

“Lielie Muļķi” in the form of a documentary satire follows the three best friends, their closest people and other residents of the village of Lielo Muļķi, allowing them to experience weddings and funerals, as well as love and quarrels. The series is offered by “Helio Media” in collaboration with the new directors Kristian Alhimionok and Albert Lightis, who promise this as the best series in 2020. Until someone else comes.

About “Big Fools”

Lielie Muļķi is a remarkable and proud village in Latvia. Endowed with many talents, Jānis Ūga or the Spirit is so proud of his life in the Big Fools that when he returns from the profits in the United Kingdom, he has brought cameras with him to show the world and all of us life in the Big Fools.

Nowhere is it as good as at home, where the best friends live – the Tall, lyrical soul Rainitis and the tireless lover, Egīls, full of masculine energy and with an incredible press. To show the world the sights, customs and people of the Great Fools is their main mission. One of these remarkable people is the Spirit Girlfriend Katie, who is worried about the need to make the world a better place. And she is also worried about Laima, the newly discovered daughter of the Mayor of the Big Fools, Alnis Muļķis, who is still getting to know the village and its inhabitants.

They are all passionate patriots of their native village, who do not allow them to be gray and tiring on a daily basis, because they know that anything can happen in the Big Fools. And more! It is important to them that you do not confuse them with the side village Little Fools!

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