Photo | Libya News 24 monitors the full commitment of Tobruk residents to the night curfew

Libya News 24

The night curfew in Tobruk has come into effect and has been adhered to by citizens, after it was imposed by the joint security force as part of the implementation of a wide security operation against immigration, smuggling and drug dens.

The correspondent of Libya News Agency 24 confirmed the citizens’ full commitment to the implementation of the ban, amid an intense security deployment of the security forces inside the streets and crossroads.

Libya News conducted 24 tours inside Tobruk to monitor Tobruk’s commitment to the full implementation of the curfew, which starts from eight in the evening until six in the morning.

And the Office of Endowments and Islamic Affairs announced, on Saturday, the combination of the Maghrib and Isha prayers, in addition to the performance of the Fajr prayer, in the context of ensuring the implementation of the night curfew.

For its part, the Tobruk Security Directorate published a leaflet in which it indicated the categories of the night ban, which will be applied from eight in the evening until six in the morning every day until further notice.

The directorate said, medical and auxiliary staff, sick cases, humanitarian workers, members of the police, the armed forces and the General Cleaning Company are excluded from the ban while performing their duties.


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2023-06-03 22:42:45