Photo of Carroll with a mistress

The publication of a photo of Andy Carrol, player of West Bromwich Albion F. C, of ​​the Premier League, has become viral and has unleashed the scandal in English football. Forward Andy Carrol has become the protagonist of the media and social networks after spending the night with a woman a few days before the date on which he was to marry Billi Mucklow, with whom he has been engaged since 2014.

The story of the photo that has caused the marriage of the Premier League footballer, Andy Carrollwobble started last week when By Mucklowhis wife, went to Dubai with her friends to celebrate the bachelorette party that, due to the outbreak of the pandemic, had to be postponed much longer than expected.

There, the woman who rose to fame almost 10 years ago when she was part of the popular television show Towie (The Only Way Is Essex), spent several days partying and was surprised by the visit of her future husband, Andy Carroll. The striker who came to play for Liverpool and who now defends the colors of West-Ham United traveled to Dubai to enjoy the beaches and the night with the woman with whom he has two children.

But on Monday, when she returned home, the striker began to celebrate his own bachelor party with his friends. And on Thursday, when no one expected it, a photograph was made public showing Carroll sleeping next to another woman, Taylor Jane Wilkey, who works as a bar manager in a hotel in Dubai. The image was shared by the woman herself through Snapchat and sent to her friends in England, who soon circulated the image on social networks.

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Wilkey, who also published photos in the bathroom of the soccer player’s room using the robe with his nameexplained to the British press that the former Newcastle striker he was not unfaithful to his fiancee: “It was an after party. We all return to your hotel. Andy and I and my friend were there. I didn’t sleep with himIt wasn’t like that, there were three of us in the room. It was a day and a night full of drinking, we had been in Cove Beach since 12, it was a day with a lot of alcohol. Andy was fuming, we were all drunk.”

Andy Carroll with his wife.

“We went back to Andy’s hotel suite and played some music and he went to bed and passed out. I was there with my friend until early morning and I took the photo as a joke. My roommates at home were teasing me because they didn’t believe it, so I took that picture for a laugh and sent it to them. Nothing sexual happened. It was just a bit of a joke,” he insisted.

In addition, she explained that she and her friends met the 33-year-old player at the Cove Beach nightclub and that after dancing for a while they decided to continue the party at the Fairmont Palms resort hotel. There were also two former teammates of the striker, the defender Paul Dummett and the goalkeeper Mark Gillespie.

That night of partying, despite Wilkey’s explanations, seems to have had consequences so the wedding could be in doubtas confirmed by close friends of the couple to English media: “All this is a very bad time with the wedding so close.”

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The triangle of Joao Felix

Barely a month ago the scandal also broke out between Pedro Porro, João Félix and Magui Corceirothe girlfriend of the Portuguese player, who became a trend for starring in a supposed love triangle That gave a lot to talk about on social networks.

The reason for the rumor is a video in which Pedro Porro, at the end of a game, appears approaching the stands to hand over his shirt and, despite the fact that initially everything seems to indicate that he is going to give it to several children who They are asking for it with a banner, he ignores them and offers it to the influencer Magui Corceiro, Joao Félix’s current girlfriend.

This event has unleashed madness on social networks, something that is not surprising knowing the propensity of Internet users to make a meme of anything and, also, because It is not the first time that the Atlético de Madrid striker and his girlfriend have stopped being a couple due to similar events.

As a result of the event, other images between the protagonists have come to light. This time, from Porro and Corceiro, some videos going viral in which they can be seen in affectionate attitudes in the booth of a nightclub.

At first, after the publication of the controversial party video, the young people involved did not hesitate to react on Twitter. “But what shame do these have, Pedro Porro? I’m shocked,” wrote Magui. To which the Sporting de Portugal footballer replied: “The conversation was good, but this story is better, ahahaahah.”

However, the rumors were increasing and things have been getting serious. For this reason, Pedro Porro has been forced to publish a statement, also criticized for his spelling mistakes, denying any type of infidelity of her friend with him. “The situation that is happening yesterday and today is very uncomfortable. I have a special relationship with her. No one is being unfaithful to anyone“, Wrote the side with the intention of settling any kind of rumour.

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