Photo of the Front Page of “Kompas” Newspaper Becomes an NFT Product, Sold at OpenSea All – Daily Compass released 57 digital assets in the form of products non-fungible token (NFT) with the theme “Indonesia in 57 Events”.

As the theme, these 57 NFT products each display a photo of the front page of the Daily Newspaper Compass which was published between 1965-2022, which of course has been curated and is considered an important event in that year.

Some of them are about the start of the use of Enhanced Spelling (EYD) in 1972, the launch of the Palapa Satellite in 1976, and Indonesia’s first gold acquisition at the 1992 Olympics.

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There is also a photo of the front page of the daily newspaper Compass which describes the moment when President Suharto stepped down in 1998, the Aceh tsunami in 2004, and the KRI Nanggala disaster in 2021.

Daily Deputy General Manager Compass Budiman Tanuredjo said that a product that can be called an NFT Compass This was released to coincide with the Daily 57th Anniversary Compass which falls on Tuesday (28/6/2022).

These NFT products, which can also be referred to as “Curated Fact Narratives”, are also Daily endeavors Compass to stay relevant and keep up with technological developments.

“NFT Compass called Curated Fact Narrative. The keyword is curated. NFT Compass not being banal, but curated by the editor Compass to stay in line with the vision and mission Compass,” said Budiman in the official statement received KompasTekno, Monday (27/6/2022).

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“Compass enter the world of NFT in accordance with the philosophy Compass be friends in change. As technology changes, as platforms evolve, Compass also present following the changing times,” added Budiman.

Compass Daily NFT Kompas named Curated Fact Narration.

On the same occasion, NFT Project Lead Compass Helman Taofani said that Curated Facts Narrative products rely on technology blockchain, so that the buyer and the authenticity of the product are maintained and written “on the internet”.

In its inaugural release later, NFT Compass only 57 copies will be available (copy), which can be obtained exclusively at a cost of 0.1 Ethereum (ETH) or around Rp. 1.8 million (assuming 1 ETH = Rp. 18 million).

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Helman said it relies on the Ethereum network for NFT Compass because of the network blockchain This is widely used in the country.

“In addition, Ethereum is also serious about reducing the impact of carbon emissions,” said Helman.

For availability, NFT Compass start available today (27 June 2022) for private sale (private mint) and tomorrow (28 June 2022) for public sale (public mint) through the OpenSea platform.

In addition to getting one copy of NFT Compassusers can also get various other benefits when they spend 0.1 ETH.

Some of them are access to news portals for 12 months for 5 accounts, as well as 1 exclusive T-shirt with the picture of the NFT edition owned.

Then, users will also get a 30 percent discount for purchasing books and books merchandise at which is valid for 12 months, as well as free one-time membership at the Kompas Institute and a 30 percent discount for all participation for 12 months.

Various information about NFT Compass can be accessed via the page. On that page, users can also see the price of each NFT Compass available, as well as links (link) sales to be directed to the OpenSea platform.

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