PHOTO private Hospital in Banat who wants “to steal” patients who are treated in Hungarian: “In the hospitals in Hungary, the romanians leave annually to 400 million euros,”

PHOTO private Hospital in Banat who wants “to steal” patients who are treated in Hungarian: “In the hospitals in Hungary, the romanians leave annually to 400 million euros,”


Hospital Premiere in Timisoara, the biggest hospital in the west of the country, has cost so far around five million euros, and until the end of 2018 the investment plan to be completed with another three million euros.
the Shareholders have developed the health unit on the skeleton of another private hospital, it is the clinic of gynecology Athena, who in 2013 entered into insolvency, after a big scandal regarding the settlement fictitious of some medical services.
the Hospital was the sauce from the sale of the bank, and a group of doctors who had a small private clinic have decided to make the step towards a great investment.

“For a few years it all deals with the takeover of this building which was built from the beginning as a private hospital. The bank has considered it appropriate to lending to this business. We, those of us who were involved, we have started the procedures to develop this hospital to a hospital of obstetrics-gynecology at a general hospital. This year’s product upgradul. Of the 862 square meters we have expanded to 5,300 square feet. Of the 41 beds at 122, and we want to get to 250, a medical practice at 16, and the five doctors, to 150. I think for Timişoara was a necessity. It is one of the most important cities in Romania, and in addition to the supply of public hospitals was in need of a big hospital private. It is a service useful to the population. I took the assets of the former hospital Athena, the bank gave us five million euros, so that I could equip the hospital after the last european rules,” said the doctor radu Prejbeanu, the hospital director Awards.
in addition to the specialties of obstetrics and gynecology, hospital of the Premiere more offers the service of anesthesia and intensive care, cardiology, general surgery, plastic surgery, dermatology, gastroenterology, neonatology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, ENT, ophthalmology, pediatrics and urology.

the Hospital is equipped with sanitary conditions and accommodation which can be compared with those of the west. By the way, one of the desires of physicians timişoara is to steal from the Romanian clients of the private hospitals in Hungary.
“People have to find and in Romania conditions as in Szeged and Vienna. A statistics shows that in the hospitals of Hungary, the romanians leave annually to 400 million euros, while in Austria about eur 200 million. Until now I couldn’t offer them serviile that you have there, especially the promptness, punctuality. But I think now you can put a barrier. I don’t think the hospitals in Hungary are more equipped and the doctors there are better than us. It’s true that in the state system have not made the investment to keep up with the technology, and the conditions of the hospitals of the state has made people to go beyond ”, said Radu Prejbeanu.
most clients of the hospital Awards are to obstetrics and gynecology, around 40 percent, the remaining 60 percent is divided by the other specialties. It is the only private hospital for orthopedics in the Banat, in the country being only at Oradea, Brasov and Bucharest.

the Rates charged at the hospital Awards are still below those in the west, doctors say. For example, a consultation costs 100 lei, and a birth 680 lei.

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