Photo series TT Festival Thursday: Warmth, crowds, Dutch hits and Mooi Wark as a closing

It was a warm first TT night from Thursday to Friday. Finally, the biggest party in Assen and surroundings could go wild again, and that took some getting used to for the audience.

At Main Stage on Weiersstraat, the evening started remarkably quietly. Several times the audience was almost begged to come forward a bit more, but as the evening went on it was still okay. Especially on the stage of Radio NL, the atmosphere was immediately good, with artists such as Jannes, Stef Ekkel and René Karst.

Beautiful Wark closes evening for packed square

Despite the heat, the band 5th Wheel got the crowd jumping around the main stage around 10:30 PM. They closed with the hit Narcotic by the German band Liquido, a nice warm-up for ‘house band’ Mooi Wark, who closed the party on Weiersstraat between 23.30 and 1 am. By that time, the square in front of DNK was packed and it was also busy in other places in the city, including Koopmansplein and De Markt. Music lovers can also indulge themselves in Assen on Friday and Saturday evenings.

View below all the photos Corné Sparidaens took on Thursday