Under the photo of the actor from rest, because of his statement, a heated discussion broke out.

The behavior of the star of Russian cinema of the Serbian actor Milos Bikovic continues to excite the imagination of fans. Earlier, the artist reported that in principle he would not talk about personal life, and for now he keeps his word. However, although it is not clear with whom exactly he is relaxing in nature in Serbia, but the fans understood that someone was taking pictures that Bikovich later published on his blog. Judging by the same photo, most often the artist walks in very deserted places where you can’t even find a random passerby who “clicks” him against the background of a beautiful sunset.

For a long time, the fans wondered who exactly this mysterious photographer of the actor was, the versions were put forward that he allegedly puts the phone in photo mode on the timer and poses. However, recently Bikovich himself gave a tip as to who he was resting in the mountains with far from civilization, because, according to the artist, he was photographed by a “sheep”. To understand this, you need to translate the question of the fan and the answer of Milos into Russian. Under a post where the artist writes: “Nature and society … nature without society. At the moment, “he is asked:” And who then captured you if you were without company? ” To this Bikovich replied briefly: “Sheep.” In the comments under the photo, a heated discussion immediately broke out about who exactly the artist had in mind, and the version that it really was a real sheep, of course, was thrown right away – the photo was taken from the level of human growth.

Everything suggests that Milos Bikovich publicly humiliated his girlfriend, cruelly made fun of her for an unknown reason. I wonder if his companion was satisfied with what Milos calls her on social networks? Did she achieve the status of a “sheep” by entering into a relationship with a popular actor? These questions will not be answered due to Bikovich’s secrecy, and the “sheep” incident can be considered a lucky accident for the artist’s fans, now they have found out how handsome this movie is in relations — quite selfish and rude.


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