PHOTOGRAPHIC STORY Workshop: telling the story of Laurent Bonnevay’s neighborhood, Villeurbanne – Lyon news

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What is a territory? How to analyze and discover it in a sensitive way?

With Adrien pinon, photographer passionate about town planning and the territory, our students in Prepa’Art have embarked on the Photographic narrative.

This workshop made it possible to work on the perceptions and analyzes of a territory, while mixing Urbanism, Photography and Story.

A photo is an emotion, a plasticity. There are advantages and limitations in a photograph.

Our students then produced a Photographic Story on the theme of ” Women in public spaces ”, with the problem “But what’s wrong with all of this?” “. Our students went to discover the Léon Blum district and highlighted the insecurity.

If you too are passionate about Photography or Applied Arts, join our training Preparatory Art at STUDIO M Lyon!

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“In politics as in economics, it is necessary to distinguish the ripples from the undercurrents”

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