The fireplace in the living room is made of Thassos marble. This material is also the dining room table designed by Catalan.

It is easier to associate calm with subtraction than with addition. The designer Marcos Catalán knows it, who signs this self-absorbed and luminous Barcelona apartment: an oasis that seeks that the union between tranquility and family is not read like an oxymoron. Built in a building of the seventies, the reform belongs to a family with four children who do not want to live in a conventional way. They were looking for a refuge for “physical and mental” rest, they point out. And they called a childhood friend, Marcos Catalán, who reorganized the distribution of this 300-square-meter home eliminating corridors and double circulation, and combined pine and marble from Thassos. The objective? Dismantle an organization of the traditional space to look for light, take advantage of square meters and avoid noise. The result speaks of warmth as a shelter. The floor is isolated from outside noises with new superimposed facades in which Venetian lamas filter natural light giving it a homogeneous and enveloping quality. Inside, serenity goes hand in hand with sobriety: “Against the tendency to load spaces with many furniture and objects, this floor is essential: it allows the house to be a frame, not a stage, which reflects not the aspirations, but the life of the inhabitants ”.


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