Photos .. Ferial Youssef returns to the Tunisian drama “Shoreb” after the absence of 13 years


Amr Soushah wrote

Tunisian artist Farial Youssef continues to portray the events of her role in the Tunisian series “Shourb”, script and dialogue Yusra Bouasida, directed by Rabia Takali, and the work is co-starring with Tunisian artists alongside star Ferial Youssef, Lotfi El Abdali, Dalila El Miftahi, And another group of artists in Tunisia.

The series witnessed the return of the artist Ferial Youssef to Tunisian drama again after the absence of 13 years, she said, during which she engaged in the Egyptian drama, and embodied in the events of the work character of “moon”.

The Tunisian artist participated in the last Ramadan race in the series “Earth Jo”, with star Ghada Abdel Razek, and a number of other great artists, including Abbas Abul Hassan, Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra, Ahmed Fouad Salim and Mha Abu Auf, and others, written by Mohamed Abdul Muti, Tamer Morsi, directed by Mohamed Gomaa.


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