PHOTOS: NASA wants to replace the bus that takes astronauts to their ships and the Network decides to ‘help’ it with funny suggestions


26 sep 2021 17:15 GMT

Some insisted that astronauts should opt for famous movie models. There were also slightly greener suggestions and some crazier ones.

NASA announced this week that it accepts suggestions from private companies to replace its Astrovan, the van that during the space shuttle era (1981-2011) was tasked with taking astronauts to the launch pad before a mission and became so beloved among crews that, it is rumored, many opposed its retirement .

The Airstream Excella de 1983 It ended up becoming part of the American space traditions, but the American space agency now considers it too old for its Artemis program – which aims to establish a human presence on the surface of the Moon – and is looking for a partner to “provide” a new transport or “recondition” a more modern one. The agency gives until October 22 to send a proposal that “must be unique, adopt new technologies and visually represent Artemis to the public.”

When the news reached Twitter through a Tweet from space reporter Michael Sheetz, users were quick to give NASA a hand and filled the social network with a variety of funny and curious suggestions for the new vehicle.

Some insisted that astronauts should opt for famous movie models, like the winged Winnebago from ‘Spaceballs’, the van dressed as a dog from the movie ‘Dumb and Dumber’ or the armored War Big from ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’. Of course, the DeLorean from ‘Back to the Future’ couldn’t be missing. The car that Homer invented from ‘The Simpsons’ was not left out either.

Several netizens agreed that the Wienermobile advertising Oscar Mayer food products would be the perfect substitute. Even the meat company itself joked hinting that, with them, NASA has already found what it is looking for. In the meantime, there were also slightly greener suggestions, such as a multi-seat bicycle or a horse-drawn carriage.

In the opinion of others, NASA does not have to go far and should be inclined to use a tesla car, taking advantage of the agreement it has with Elon Musk’s other company, SpaceX. The aerospace company won the contract to develop the spacecraft that will take its astronauts to the Moon under the Artemis program. Among all the wave of ideas that emerged on the Internet, some more crazy than others, one person recommended that the agency should settle for just any bus instead of thinking about investing, probably, millions of dollars.

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