Photoshop for iPad one step closer to the PC version

Adobe has released the iPadOS version of photo editing software Photoshop in 2019, allowing use on iPad. Although the application is much more advanced than Photoshop Express, it has been criticized for lacking many features found in the desktop version.

Although the company gradually moved features from the desktop version of Photoshop to the iPad, including the Refine Edges tool, which made the most robust selections in hair and fur, users weren’t not satisfied. With the latest update l’application Photoshop pour iPad acquired some very powerful features.

Content-aware fill comes to Photoshop for iPad

One of the most valuable features of the PC version of Photoshop content-aware filling, was introduced to iPad users. To use this AI-powered tool to remove an object from your photo:

  1. Select the object you want to remove using Select Subject, Object Selection Tool, Quick Selection Tool, or Magic Wand.
  2. Then click on the button Content-Aware Fill… in the left corner.
  3. You can extend the selection borders around your object by selecting the Lasso tool from the toolbar and clicking the Expand button in Options one or more times.

One-click content background removal ( 807) Fill, Photoshop for iPad also added Remove Background feature . Adobe announced the update with the words:

“Photoshop was a pioneer, delivering the highest quality results with a combination of proprietary Select Subject and Layer Mask technology. It allows you to remove the background non-destructively without changing the original pixels of the image.

We’ve integrated this one-touch process into Photoshop on the iPad, making your work faster. Change a random background or place your subject in another landscape with no problem.

Open the image whose background you want to remove and click Quick Actions under the lasso tool or in the properties panel on the right. You can use the new function by selecting the option Delete Art Plan in

In addition to these; The Select Subject feature, which lets you select a reasonable portion of a photo, and Auto Tone, Auto Color, and Auto Contrast options have also arrived in Photoshop for iPad. You can access all news by opening the App Store and updating the Photoshop app.