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Physical activity will bring many benefits during pregnancy – Photo Anna Omeichenko

Physical activity produces several physical, psychological and physiological benefits, making the practice very important for the quality of life, including in specific phases of the individual’s life, such as during pregnancy.

Even today, knowing the benefits of regular physical activity, there is a certain resistance or fear of the pregnant woman to start, due to empirical beliefs that it can be harmful to the fetus, but the truth is that well-oriented physical activity can help before during and after the gestation period.

The pregnant woman’s body undergoes severe physical changes, weight gain, abdominal flaccidity, excessive curvature of the lumbar spine can be avoided with physical activity, emphasizing exercises that strengthen the pelvic girdle, where they undergo more physical changes.

During pregnancy, the body creates a resistance to insulin, increasing the accumulation of sugar in the blood, which can generate what we call gestational diabetes. In strength exercises, there is an increase in insulin sensitivity, potentiating its action so that there is control of the glycemic index.

Physical activity will bring a lot of benefits during pregnancy, but it can cause problems for the mother and the baby if there is no multidisciplinary follow-up between the geriatrician, the physical education professional and a nutritionist, recommends that physical activity be performed in mild temperatures and that be of low intensity.

Hugo Pugas
Physical Education Professional
Body Rock Academia Co-founder