Physical and sports education (EPS) at the CNED

And yes, you will have PE lessons if you are educated at the CNED!

Like any high school student, you will have physical education and sports (EPS) classes. You will be evaluated and this mark will be taken into account for the baccalaureate.

What sports activities can you choose for the bac?

If you are educated at the CNED, 3 main activities are offered from the second to the final year:

  • the middle distance race
  • dance
  • Table tennis.

During your course, the choice of activities may vary, but it is also possible to specialize your course on the 2 activities that you will select for the one-off test of the final baccalaureate.

How to prepare the PE test for the bac at the CNED?

Your PE lessons revolve around the 2 activities you have chosen. You will have access, on your online learning platform, to specific courses allowing you to progress in your sport, in line with the requirements of the program.

To prepare for your PE test, 3 solutions are available to you:

  • you will be able to prepare for the PE test independently

You will then need to integrate this preparation into your schedule in order to train regularly.

  • you can join a sports structure (club, gym, etc.)

Subject to the health situation, you can benefit from the advice of a sports professional for your preparation for the event.

  • you will be able to prepare for the test by integrating one of the PE lessons of a high school

You can join a high school PE course if you have the principal’s agreement.

If you are taking your final year at CNED, there is no control during training, only the final baccalaureate test will assess your learning. You will select 2 sports activities for the final one-off test of the baccalaureate when you register for the exam.

The dates of the 2021 baccalaureate EPS one-off exams will be available on your academy’s website.