Physical exercise stress: 5 physical exercises to combat work stress | Present

The routines of physical exerciseo In addition to helping us in the prevention of diseases, they serve to release the workload and take the strain that day by day we are accumulating.

These exercises will help you improve your mood, in addition to coping with disease prevention produced by the sedentary lifestyle:

1. Shoulders: To relax the shoulders raise, lower and rotate them one at a time and simultaneously. Then slowly turn your head in a circle, without stretching your neck, and repeat this exercise five times.

2. Arms: Stretch your arms as far as you can and hold for about 10 seconds, then raise them over your head, fingers interlocked, palms up.

3. Manos: Rotate your wrists to either side, extend one arm in front of your body with your palm facing up, and pull your fingers down and away from your palm for about 10 seconds.

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4. Legs: Squatting and with your palms flat on the floor, lift your knee your left leg toward your chest and extend your right leg behind you as far as you can.

5. Column: Sitting in a chair, relax your spine forward, loosening your head between your legs and hanging your arms. Then slowly rotate your trunk to one side and the other, as if you wanted to look back by rotating your entire torso.