Piani di Artavaggio, a 25-year-old medical student, Giovanni Borsatti, dies during an excursion

He wanted to start the Easter holidays with an excursion to the mountains, which however was fatal: Giovanni Borsatti, a 25-year-old Milanese student enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Pavia, lost his life in the Piani di Artavaggio area (in the Lecco area) , where he was with his parents to spend the next holidays in the house that the family owns in Moggio. And it was his mother Silvia and his father Alessandro who alerted the emergency services last night, Wednesday 13 April, when they did not see their son return.

“Giovanni left us suddenly, almost as in his character. He was an extraordinary guy. I pace quickly. Always. In everything. And as always he ran forward – wrote on social media Alberto Lolli, the rector of Almo Collegio Borromeo. , which Borsatti attended – The community of the Borromeo College is inconsolable. He seeks comfort in the closeness of friendship and in the faith, which John has always witnessed, the hope to go forward. We are close to his parents, brothers and sisters “.

Despite his young age, the boy left an important legacy: “He taught us that proximity is authentic medicine” concludes the rector in his message of condolence. The Alpine Rescue (Valsassina and Valvarrone station of the 19th Lariana Delegation), the Carabinieri of the Introbio station, the Fire Brigade of Lecco and the Civil Protection were mobilized to look for Borsatti.

25 technicians from the CNSAS (National Alpine and Speleological Rescue Corps) left, climbed on foot and by off-road vehicles to Artavaggio to follow the main paths. In the meantime, the helicopter from Sondrio di Areu (Regional Emergency Emergency Agency), with a technician on board, flew over the area of ​​Campelli and Mount Sodadura. During the patrol they also concentrated on the Path of the little roads, which goes from Piani di Artavaggio to Piani di Bobbio.


Around 1.40 in the morning the rescuers identified the boy’s backpack at about 1800 meters above sea level – who knew the area well, since he had spent his holidays there for years – and his body a hundred meters above: he had fallen from the high, in a very inaccessible area. At that point, the Areu helicopter arrived from Como, enabled for night flight, which brought the doctor to the place to ascertain the death and the Cnsas helicopter rescue technician.

The body was transported to an easier point for recovery with the winch and finally the boy’s body was taken to the mortuary of the Lecco hospital. Giovanni Borsatti’s scholastic and academic career has been studded with successes: in 2015 he graduated from the Parini classical high school in Milan, after spending a period at Kawana Waters State College in Queensland (Australia) as part of an international exchange program and having done an internship at the “Mario Negri” molecular pharmacology laboratory.

Then he had chosen medicine, ranking 37th nationally in the admission tests, and the University of Pavia: he was preparing his thesis at the Autism Laboratory of the Department of Neurological and Behavioral Sciences, as well as carrying out an internship at the San Matteo Polyclinic. Before the tragic epilogue of the story, the research phases that should have been carried out today had already been defined, with the support of the helicopter of the Guardia di Finanza: the IMSI Catcher device on board in fact allows you to quickly trace the mobile phone signal and rescuers were counting on that to pinpoint the young man’s location.

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