[Pick] “I will report” a man climbed the New York Times exterior wall

An American man was caught climbing up a building on the outer wall of the New York Times (NYT), a leading American daily newspaper, saying he would report.

On the 15th of the local time, foreign media such as CBS News reported that a man in his 50s wearing a backpack in shabby clothes was put on iron bars while riding the outer wall of the New York Times building in downtown Manhattan, New York, around 5 pm on the same day.

According to the media, a man who had come to make a report began to climb the outer wall of a 52-story building when he was told to report on the Internet. The police, who were reported and dispatched, dragged a man who was resting on the 6th floor to the inside of the window because of strength while climbing the building, arrested and detained.

A man in his 50s being dragged into a broken window

Security guard Leroy Morris Jr. testified, “The tip was sent out on the Internet and was guiding others, but after a while, he was climbing the building.” The New York Times later said it was grateful for the police’s prompt handling of the case.

The New York Times Building suffered from’uninvited guests’ last July. A man in Connecticut, named David Mullon, went up to the 11th floor saying he wanted to speak out against al-Qaeda.

This is’News Pick’.

(Photo =’CBS New York’ YouTube capture)


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