Pictures and video of the scandal.. Who put a camera in the office of the British Minister?

The scandal that rocked the corridors of the British Ministry of Health yesterday was not limited to intimate photos of Minister Matt Hancock with his assistant, but also spread like wildfire video clips of those moments that brought together Matt and Gina Coladangelo.

The leaking of those moments to the minister with his mistress inside his office in the ministry opened the door wide open about the existence of an unprecedented security breach, and a wide debate erupted in Britain during the past hours about who leaked those moments and how he stole and disseminated the content of the surveillance cameras, and how those cameras were originally placed?!

The scandal raised a myriad of questions that needed answers, especially since many government buildings include cameras outside offices that film people entering and leaving, but no one has ever been placed inside a minister’s office.

Video and audio

The British press has been buzzing since yesterday, and it is still with wide headlines wondering what this camera was doing there, its position and most of all, who is the person who is able to access its content, and know what is going on inside that office, especially as it is a camera that records audio and video, any video .

In the context, the newspaper “Telegraph” revealed that Hancock had no idea of ​​the presence of the camera when she caught him kissing Chancellor Gina Coladangelo, noting that government sources denied her knowledge as well, of the presence of any cameras installed in cabinet offices.

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She also added that the presence of the camera raises the possibility of it being deliberately placed by a person who has access to the minister’s office with the intention of catching him in the act while he is cheating on his wife and violating the rules related to the Corona virus.

Gina Coladangelo (AFP)

Chinese made cameras

In addition, the newspaper revealed that the offices of the British Ministry of Health and Social Care are using surveillance cameras (CCTV) made by the Chinese company “Hikvision”, which is banned in the United States due to national security concerns.

She noted that the Health Ministry’s security team will conduct an urgent security review of the building where Hancock and Coladangelo were filmed on May 6, the day of the local elections.

He will also investigate the leaked photos, to discover who gave the footage to The Sun, which was the first to publish it.

In parallel, The Telegraph explained that one of the theories being investigated is that the footage was filmed by someone on a mobile phone while it was being played on a CCTV screen, which could make it difficult to prove who is responsible.

The picture that spread in Britain of the minister and his assistant

The picture that spread in Britain of the minister and his assistant

“In all my years working in this field, I’ve never known there was a camera inside an office like this,” said one undercover security expert. “The office is a private space and this raises all kinds of issues.”

He also added, “The camera is facing the door so it will give you a recording of who is coming and going. But if you want to do that, you can put the camera outside the office in the corridor. Also, the angle of the camera is wrong, so if someone walks into the office with their head down, the camera can’t see it. For me It’s like a little secret camera put into a light fixture.”

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Serious repercussions

Peter Fahy, a former Manchester police chief, said the leak raised data protection issues, noting that it was unlikely to amount to a criminal offense, such as theft, because it involved a digital image.

And it is likely that there will be more serious repercussions due to the degree of privacy violation, especially since it is a government building, according to what was quoted by “The Times” newspaper.

Matt Hancock and Jenna (Archive - The Associated Press)

Matt Hancock and Jenna (Archive – The Associated Press)

Apologies for violating Corona’s procedures!

It is noteworthy that Hancock apologized yesterday after the spread of the photos on a large scale, saying that he had violated “the rules of social separation imposed by the government in light of the Corona pandemic.”

He also admitted that he had violated social distancing guidelines, after a tabloid and scandalous newspaper published a picture of him kissing and embracing his chief aide in his office.

And English newspapers published, earlier Friday, scandalous photos of the minister with his assistant Gina Coladangelo, 43, whom he hired last year.

The footage also revealed the minister accepting his help during work and during official working hours, last month, when Britain was still fighting the pandemic.

Matt hugging Gina was photographed just after 3pm on May 6, while Westminster was busy with the local elections.