Piedad Córdoba is admitted to an ICU in Medellín

In a intensive care unit (ICU) is the senator piety cordobaas reported by the Rosario ClinicEl Tesoro headquarters, in an official statement released this Monday, July 18.

The letter specified that Córdoba entered the medical center on sunday july 17.

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Sources close to politics they explained to Caracol Radio that she was admitted to the medical center because her blood pressure dropped: “She arrived very dehydrated, they have to stabilize her, because it seems to be an infection“. the congresswoman It would steady after the mishap, which occurs almost a month after he gave positive for COVID-19 for the second time.

This Monday there is a training for all the congressmen who will take office next Wednesday July 20so Córdoba sent its inability to meet.

Piedad Córdoba and the differences with Gustavo Petro

After the distancing with the campaign of President-elect Gustavo Petrothe senator reappeared in the first legislative programmatic retreat of Pacho Histórico, held in Medellín. “Very important the presentations of the designated ministers and ministers”He stated on his Twitter account.

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During that juncture, Córdoba confirmed, in dialogue with Blu Radiowhat yes he will take possession in the Congress of the Republic, ignoring Petro’s initial request regarding his seat.

I’m not going anywhere, among other things, because it’s false that I have investigations in the DEA. I have never spoken with those people, all of this is a montage by Roy Barreras and other people. I take possession and file my projects, no more aggressions, he pointed out.