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Pierre Davis, first transgender designer of Fashion Week

Los Angeles-based designer Pierre Davis debuted in New York on Monday, becoming the first transgender designer to present a collection at Fashion Week.

In recent years, transgender models have been making regular appearances during the New York week, including Calvin Klein, who in September 2017 had chosen a 16-year-old high school trans girl.

Last September Marco Marco, another Angelino designer, Marco Morante, went further with a completely trans-distribution for his podium.

This time, it was Pierre Davis's turn to shake up a little more the scheduling of Fashion Week, as a transgender designer.

The powerful American fashion trade union (CFDA), which has made diversity its hobby horse for several seasons, even put it forward to a few days of fashion week, which began Monday for men and will turn Thursday to women.

Pierre Davis has brought to New York the spirit of his home No Sesso, very community, who wants to go beyond a simple line of clothing.

Born with the attributes of a man who has become a woman, the young creator wants to bring "people to realize that not everything revolves around aesthetics and commerce," he explained in an interview with the CFDA.

"It's also about humanity," he says, to ensure that "people of every identity have the right to a chance, whatever that identity is".

Pierre Davis does not deny this trans label, he told AFP, but "especially wants to show (their) work", which is in the vein of the New York house Hood By Air, today hui put to sleep.

For his Chapter 2 collection (more seasons, only chapters), the Californian dreamed of a large unique cloakroom, where the classic attributes of both sexes would blend.

Strict black jackets that become skirts, cocktail dresses that mutate, everything is worn, provided we have the assurance, which was not lacking the models of the parade, they are lanky or round.

It's the "Glamazon" spirit that No Sesso wanted to blow on this collection, says Pierre Davis, "the idea of ​​defying gravity, to succeed something even when it seems that there is no way".

This large wardrobe shared by all also mixes the formalism of workwear with sportswear, resulting in an epaulettes jogging jacket.

With this first visit to New York, says Pierre Davis "the world can see No Sesso and the universe we create."


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