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Pierre Jolivet signs a romantic and political comedy

Alice Belaïdi and Arthur Dupont in "Victor and Celia" by Pierre Jolivet – Apollo Films

  • In "Victor and Célia", a hairdresser joins his ex-partner to open his own salon.
  • Between professional and sentimental problems, heroes are not always at the party.
  • Unlike the viewer, who laughs as much as he thinks with this successful comedy.

Pierre Jolivet adheres to the party of laughter.
Victor and Célia tells the thousand and one difficulties faced by two thirty-year-olds who want to found a hairdressing salon. The director chose to tinge his social painting with a dose of romantic comedy and it's magic!

Arthur Dupont and
 Alice Belaïdi are a charismatic couple juggling with scissors and combs as much as with their feelings when they find themselves after having experienced an affair that ended badly. "The idea of ​​the film comes both from conversation with hairdressers and the memory of my own soul when I was 30 years old and I founded my box," says Pierre Jolivet to 20 minutes.

Live your passion

The director of My small business offers a resolutely optimistic work in the vein of English films as The Full Monty. "It is by talking with my wife and my daughter who asked for a happy film that I embarked on this project," insists Pierre Jolivet. The administrative and financial problems that face her heroes are swept away by their indestructible energy. "They do not want to get rich but live properly their passion, says the filmmaker. I met many young people in this state of mind, refusing to spend their life doing a job that stuns them. "

The taste of work

The hero couple practices the hairstyle in a traditional way preferring the scissors more valuable to them than the faster and more profitable clipper to perform the cuts of their customers. Their love blossoms again boosted by adversity but also in the taste of work well done. However, Victor and Célia remains anchored in the reality of today's world. "I totally assume that my film is political, says Pierre Jolivet. I show exact situations for everything concerning their worries, especially to find capital. "
 Bénabar, as an accountant, lends them a hand.

Laughter and seriousness

"Playing with the codes of romantic comedy while addressing more serious themes seemed like a good option for our morose era," says Pierre Jolivet. The filmmaker has found the perfect tone to cheer and make think between two laughter. In 93 minutes of projection, Victor and Célia become the buddies of a spectator who would not ask for more than to have their hair done by them coming out of the projection.


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