Pierre Maudet re-elected, Luc Barthassat in danger and Parliament refocused


The Grand Conseil Genevois, according to the provisional results. [DR]

The PLR ​​reaches 25.74% (29 seats, +5), the PDC 10.45% (12 seats, +1), the Socialist Party 15.33% (17 seats, +2), the Greens 12.68% (14 seats, +4), Set on the left stands at 7.72% (9 seats, stable), according to the results at 71% of the ballots counted .

The Geneva Citizen Movement (MCG) lost ground to 9.6% (11 seats, -9). Ditto for the SVP which is harvesting 7.31% (8 seats, -3).
>> The results analyzed by Guillaume Rey on La Première:

Salvatore Di Nolfi – Keystone

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