Pikmin Bloom Celebrates 1st Birthday with Community Week and More – ntower

Pikmin Bloom is now since one year availablewhat Niantic and Nintendo are using different actions to celebrate. Until November 14th, special First Birthday Snack Decoration Pikmin are appearing; A celebratory community week will be held from November 7th to 13th and a Pikmin 3 Deluxe event will be held in the mobile title from November 15th to December 9th.

Like previous events, this will follow anniversary celebration the same scheme: Diligent strollers and Pikmin breeders are encouraged to complete a variety of in-game missions and complete weekly challenges to earn the sometimes exclusive rewards. You can find out more in-game and on the official website.

A special feature of the celebration is the community week. During this event, Flower Planting tasks can be completed to get Flower Medals from previous Community Days. In addition, giant flowers can bloom with all previously introduced flower species. The two-day Community Day on November 12th and 13th will also give you a 1st Birthday Medal.

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