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The passenger who flew the plane for the first time and landed safely, saving the lives of his fellow passengers. The passenger landed at Palm Beach International Airport in Florida, USA. The pilot of the Cessna 208 caravan had to take charge after feeling unwell. The plane was flying from the Bahamas to Florida on Tuesday. The pilot felt unwell as he sailed about 70 miles north of the Florida coast.

The air traffic control unit tried to speak to the pilot but received no response from there. A passenger heard from the cockpit that the pilot was unable to fly the plane due to ill health. He was ready to save all the passengers from great danger. The passenger said he had no experience flying the plane and was willing to do so if given instructions. The plane then proceeded to trust the passenger!

Air Traffic Controller Robert Morgan first asked the passenger to know where the plane was parked. But the traveler replied that he had no idea. He only said he could see the Florida coast. Upon hearing this, Robert Morgan was terrified but did not give up hope. Very soon Robert called the passenger on the radio and explained how to fly the plane. Robert printed out the layout of the cockpit and gave the new pilot instructions.

The passenger flew very calmly, following all the instructions of the air control department. He thought he could figure out the location of the plane. But that’s where the air control section gets the hardest. After several discussions between the new pilot and the control team, it was finally discovered that the plane was flying over Boca Rotten, Florida.

Once the location was clear Robert was able to give instructions easily. With this the passenger flew the plane more confidently and finally landed safely. The passenger, who saved the lives of several passengers, was then showered with congratulations. The pilot of the plane, Justin Dalmol, was rushed to hospital. Aviation expert John Nance said this would be the first time a person with no experience flying a plane would land safely.

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First published:May 12, 2022, 18:58 IST