Pilsen penalty shootout. Cermak succeeded against Buch with scissors, then hit the crossbar

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

“We have four players for the penalty, it’s up to us to agree on the field. The same situation occurred at Thursday’s training, I won the shooting with Aleš. Thanks paper. In the match, I chose the same symbol, Aleš probably remembered the training and changed the stone to scissors. And he went for a penalty, “Bucha described with a smile, an unconventional penalty agreement.

But he too soon survived. Just before the break, Hrabina fouled the escaping Kovařík, in addition to the red card, Plzeň got the advantage of the second penalty kick. Although Čermák tended to go again, Buch took the balloon.

“It was obvious that Aleš was annoyed that he didn’t put the first one here. He wanted to fix it. He told me he would kick her again. But it was my turn, “said Bucha, who changed with an overview. With a goal of 1: 1, he started the turn, which after the break was completed by the goals of Beauguel and Ba Louy (3: 1).

“We played better in the power play, we had more space. We managed to score two goals in the second half and turn the match around. But it was not an easy match, especially the first half bothered us in Opava. She was well prepared for us, we had something to do, “said Bucha.

Ba Lou gave a stamp for the victory of Pilsen. The midfielder from Ivory Coast was on the field for barely two minutes and celebrated the first goal in the Victoria jersey. “First match, first goal, first win. I feel great, I couldn’t have wished for a better start in Pilsen. I made a good first impression, which is always important, “said Ba Loua, who in the 76th minute, after a perfect pass by David Limberský with a tight shot on the ground, did not give the goalkeeper Fendrich a chance.

Adriel D´Avila Ba Loua replaces his first goal in the Pilsen jersey.

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

“I was very excited when the coach told me I would go into the game. I wanted to do my best. But I definitely didn’t expect to score a goal right away, “added the 24-year-old reinforcement from Karviná, who may soon have a premiere start on the European scene.

The West Bohemia will have a duel of the 2nd preliminary round of the Champions League on Wednesday in the Dutch Alkmaar. In case of promotion, they will at least ensure participation in the basic group of the European League. “The match is very important for the club. The Champions League is a different level, we have to leave everything on the field. I believe we will eliminate Alkmaar, “Ba Loua hopes.


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