Pindad Maung Type Test Certification Constrained by Permission from Toyota

JAKARTA, – PT Pindad (Persero)’s efforts to market light tactical (rantis) vehicles, Pindad Maung are constrained by permission from the Toyota brand holder in Indonesia.

This was revealed by the Director of Road Transport Facilities at the Ministry of Transportation, Danto Restyawan, in a talk entitled “The Role of Conversion Workshops and Financing Agencies to Accelerate the Use of Electric Vehicles” at the 2022 Indonesia Electric Motor Show (IEMS).

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Danto explained that until now his party could not issue a Type Test Certificate (SUT) and a Maung Type Test Registration Certificate (SRUT), because Toyota brand holders in Indonesia did not agree.

RANTIS MAUNG/PINDAD The Maung Pindad light tactical vehicle (Rantis) has been officially handed over to the Indonesian Army

However, Danto did not specify what the reasons for Toyota’s objection were, then which model was meant, because Pindad introduced two models, namely the military version of Maung and the civilian version.

“Have you ever heard of Maung? That’s based on the Toyota Hilux which Pindad changed to Maung. Then they asked for SUT and SRUT. But until now we haven’t issued it, why? Because APM doesn’t agree,” said Danto at the Jakarta Convention Center, Friday (30/9). /2022).

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Danto said, SUT and SRUT Maung could have been published but the purpose was for personal use, not for sale in bulk.

“But mass sale is not allowed, it must be approved by APM,” said Danto.

Pindad Maung 4x4Dock. Pindad Pindad Maung 4×4

Previously, in May 2021, President Director of PT Pindad (Persero) Abraham Mose said that the state-owned company had begun to open the faucet for the civilian version of Maung 4×4.

“Certainly it will be in June (2021), but the civilian version of Maung is still the same, around Rp 600 million to Rp 700 million. Later it will also depend on the custom desired by consumers,” Abraham said at that time to

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According to Abraham, at that time 100 units of the civilian version of Maung had been ordered. Some have already been sent to consumers, and others are still in the process of being worked on.

Maung Pindad digital modification by @low5100w Maung Pindad digital modification by @low5100w


Maung was first introduced in 2020 for use by the military. The Rantis is equipped with a 2,494 cc 2GD-FTV turbo diesel engine made by Toyota used in the Hilux, but there is no confirmation that it is built directly from the Hilux chassis.

In 2021 Pindad introduced the civilian version of Maung in a prototype form called MV2 4×4. The concept is similar to the military version but is not equipped with weapons and has features like passenger cars in general.

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