Piñera confirms summits of Prosur and Pacific Alliance for December in Santiago | National

During the afternoon of this Sunday, President Sebastián Piñera met with the President of Colombia, Iván Duque, whom he received at the Cerro Castillo palace in Viña del Mar.

The meeting had as a key point the issues related to the pro tempore presidency of Chile in Prosur and in the Pacific Alliance, which will precisely be transferred next December to Colombia, whose summits will be held in our country.

In this context, they also addressed integration issues, combating covid-19 in Latin America and economic recovery.

At the end of the meeting, Piñera stressed that he greatly appreciates the support and collaboration of Colombia since both countries achieved independence.

Along the same lines, Duque returned the courtesy and highlighted the joint work to face the pandemic and at the same time the economic recovery.

“You have been taking a great leap” to recover from the pandemic, assured the president of the Caribbean country.

Later, when asked about the situation in the United States, in which Joe Biden has been declared president-elect, Piñera asked the Democrat to take on the challenges of contributing to free trade and environmental protection.

Meanwhile, Duque spoke along the same lines and asked to maintain the US’s extensive relationship with Colombia.



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