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Pink Moon: April 2019 Full moon rises TOMORROW – But does it turn pink? | Science | news

The Pink Moon will bring to light on Friday, April 19, the night when the moon ball reaches maximum light. Here in the UK, the moon will reach its full glow for about eight hours before crawling over the evening horizon. The full moon reaches its peak at 12:12 BST (11:12 UTC), but is visible only after 20:05 BST (19:05 UTC). As soon as the moon rises over the horizon, it is the brightest month ever – but will it be pink?

Will the full moon turn pink this week?

Eager observers of astronomy may be disappointed to learn that the moon will not turn pink tomorrow night, although some full moons turn reddish.

The moon never really changes color, and every hue shift visible at night is caused by atmospheric effects.

The ominous blood moon, for example, when the moon assumes a deep red to red color, is caused by broken sunlight scattered through the dusty atmosphere of the earth during a lunar eclipse.

A Pink Moon, however, can trace its bizarre name back to the Native American time traditions on the east coast of America.

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Pink Moon 2019: The full moon in April at night

Pink Moon 2019: The full moon in April opens on Friday, April 19th (Photo: GETTY)

After the Almanac of the Old Farmer, a guide to nature and astronomy, it was customary to name the phases of the moon according to the changing landscape.

The June full moon, for example, is known as Full Strawberry Moon, as wild strawberries are ripe for gathering at this time of the year.

And the Full Beaver Moon in November signaled the time to hunt the toothy creatures for their warm furs before the winter.

According to this tradition, the Pink Moon is named after a certain wildflower breed that turns the fields pink when they sprout around the spring time.

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Ground Phlox or Phlox stolonifera is a native of the US wildflower species from the Appalachian Mountains, Pennsylvania and Northern Georgia.

The full moon in April is called full pink moon

Amy Nieskens, almanac of the old farmer

Amy Nieskens, from the old farmer's almanac, said, "The full moon of April is known as the Full Pink Moon because it gives the appearance of wild-group flakes or moss-pink, one of the first spring flowers.

"It's also known by many other names that announce the beginning of spring, including the Sprossing Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, and the Fish Moon.

"This month, the gardening season is in full swing in many areas."

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Pink Moon 2019: April full moon at night

Pink Moon 2019: Despite its name, the moon does not turn pink on April 19th (Photo: GETTY)

Many of the names prescribed by the American inhabitants of the moon were adopted by colonial Europeans and have become incorporated into the modern vernacular.

The Royal Observatory Greenwich in London said: "Over time, different cultures have given the moon a name in the lunar calendar.

"Many of the moon's nicknames have come to us from Native American culture, because the cycles of the lunar phases were as important an important method of measuring time as the longer solar cycle of the year, as defined by the movement of Europe ,

"The number of lunar names varies slightly from tribe to tribe, but many assign either 12 or 13 full-moons to the year."

When is the next full moon and what is his name?

The next full moon phase of the lunar cycle will appear on the night of May 18, 2019.

The full moon in May is commonly referred to as the flower moon and is named after the wildflowers that bloom this month.

The old farmer's almanac stated, "Depending on the tribe, the full moon of May was called the full moon and mermaid, milk-moon and corn-planting moon.

"The full moon in May was a time of increasing fertility. The temperatures were warm enough to safely witness the young, an end to the late frost and flowering plants.

"Here in the almanac of the old peasant, we have long honored the names of the Native Americans and the folklore of those who came before us."

Pink Moon 2019: germinating ground flakes

Pink Moon 2019: The moon was named after the germination of phlox flowers (Photo: GETTY)

What other Full Moon names are there this year?

  • January 10 – Full Wolf Moon
  • February 9 – full moon snow
  • March 21 – Full Worm Moon
  • April 19 – Full pink moon
  • May 18th – Full Flower Moon
  • June 17 – Full Strawberry Moon
  • July 16th – Full Buck Moon
  • August 15 – Full Sturgeon Moon
  • September 14 – Full Harvest Moon
  • October 13th – Full Hunter's Moon
  • 12th November – Full Beaver Moon
  • 12th december – full cold moon

The old farmer's almanac said, "Every tribe that called the full moons – and / or the lunar months – had its own preferences.

"Some would use 12 names for the year while others might use 5, 6 or 7; Certain names may change again next year.

"A full moon name used by one root may be different from a name used by another root for the same time period, or it may have the same name but represent a different time period.

"The name itself was often a description of a particular activity / event that normally took place at that location during that time."


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