Pink October: D-Day for breast cancer prevention will be this Saturday (23) in more than 40 health units in Petrópolis and at HAC

The City of Petrópolis is holding this Saturday (23), the D-Day for breast cancer prevention, in the city’s October Pink campaign. There will be more than 40 health units throughout the city and the Alcides Carneiro Hospital (HAC) offering health education services, gynecological examination with preventive collection, mammography request, rapid tests for Syphilis, HIV and Hepatitis B and C, and activities with women. The action will take place from 9 am to 4 pm, with the aim of raising awareness and informing the population about breast cancer, in addition to promoting the inclusion of the public in the health network.

“October 23 was the date chosen as the D day of Pink October in Petrópolis. In some health units, a multivaccination campaign will also be carried out to update the vaccination booklet for children and adolescents from zero to 15 years old. In other words, the population can go to health centers to seek care aimed at breast cancer, and still vaccinate their children against measles, polio, mumps, chickenpox, meningitis and other diseases”, highlights Mayor Hingo Hammes, recalling that since the on October 15th, Sérgio Fadel Palace (City Hall building), 14 Bis and the Obelisk are all lit up in pink in an allusion to Pink October.

Care will be offered at the health units in the neighborhoods: Santíssima Trindade, Dr. Thouzet, Alto da Serra, Meio da Serra, Vila Felipe, 24 de Maio, Caxambu (Lusitano), Caxambu (Santa Isabel), Sargento Boening, Bairro Castrioto, Bataillard , Pedras Brancas, Menino Jesus de Praga, São João Batista, Moinho Preto, English Farm, Boa Vista, Estrada da Saudade, Machado Fagundes, Carangola, Jardim Salvador, São Manoel Castle, Boa Esperança, 1st of May, Águas Lindas, Bonfim, Vale das Videiras, Brejal, Posse, Secretary, Vila Rica, Quitandinha, Mosela, Itaipava, Alto Independência, Morin, Retiro, Araras, Outpatient School and Health Center (Centro and Itamarati).

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The Health Secretary, Aloisio Barbosa da Silva, highlights the need for women to seek assistance: “On D-Day, in addition to offering assistance related to breast cancer and October Pink, health units will update the vaccination booklet, checking blood pressure and glucose tests, conversation circles, medical consultations, among other activities. It is comprehensive health care”.

Alcides Carneiro Hospital (HAC), a reference in the public network in oncological surgeries – with emphasis on mastectomy and breast reconstruction procedures, and in the unit’s joint examination, with breast and transvaginal ultrasound, and breast reconstruction surgeries. Over the past eight years, the number of breast surgeries at Hospital Alcides Carneiro has been growing, from 51 in 2014 to 106 in every last year, and 141 until September this year.

With the theme “The Normal Has Changed, The Cancer Has Not”, the Pink October program of the City of Petrópolis is carried out by the Health Department, in partnership with the Hospital Alcides Carneiro (HAC), Technical Health Areas, Petropolitan Association of Oncology Patients (APPO) and National Cancer Fighting Front (FNCC).

To serve the population, on October 4, professionals and health agents of the City Hall received training with the physician Carlos Vinícius, on mastology focused on the Pink October.

On October 26, the Health Department team will make a Pit Stop with health education, guidance on cervical and breast cancer, rapid tests and collection of diapers for patients assisted by the National Front for Combating Cancer (FNCC). The action takes place at Praça Dom Pedro, from 9 am to 4 pm.

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The PSF Vila Saúde completes the program of activities with care for women, from 9 am to 4 pm, on October 30th.