Pippen explains why he did not leave the court when Jackson entrusted the decisive throw to Kukochu, “It was a racist move” – ​​Basketball

Chicago legend Scotty Pippen revealed why he refused to enter the court 1.8 seconds before the end of the third match of the 1994 East semi-final against New York.

“There is no mystery in this. This was my first season without Michael Jordan, why don’t I hit this decisive shot?

I went through all the ups and downs, battles with the Pistons, and now you insult me ​​by saying I have to put the ball into play? I counted it as a blow below the belt. It seemed to me that in this way he is trying to give development to Kukochu. It was a racist move.

After everything I’ve been through with this club, are you telling me to put the ball into play and give it to Tony Cukochu? You insult me. This is how I felt.

Are you talking about Phil Jackson?

Yeah. Review and you will see it. This was my team. Why are you telling me to throw in before an attack where we can level the score? It wasn’t even a win roll.

Why do you want to make him a hero? He is not the leader of this team. If he misses, he doesn’t lose anything. He plays with what I’ve earned. I’ve been earning this for Michael Jordan for years, and now Kukoch has to make the decisive shot. And I have to inject the ball for him, ”said Pippen.

Phil Jackson is the only coaching star. He hosted a reality show of taming Jordan, Rodman, Shaq and Kobe.

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