Piracicaba registers death from dengue and exceeds 5,000 cases in 2021 | Piracicaba and Region

The Health Department of Piracicaba (SP) confirmed this Monday (2) a death from dengue, the only one in 2021 so far. In addition, the city surpassed the mark of 5,000 cases of the disease this year.

According to the folder, the death was of a man aged between 80 and 90 years, who lived in the district of Tanquinho, a rural area of ​​the city. The administration did not inform the date of death.

In relation to confirmed cases of the disease, until last Friday (30) were 5,006 residents diagnosed with dengue. The number is higher than that registered in the same period of the last two years.

According to the city hall, there were 1,302 cases of the disease between January 1 and July 30, 2020, with no deaths. In 2019, there were 4,008 cases, with two deaths.

As a way to prevent diseases caused by Aedes Aegypti, agents of the Municipal Plan for Dengue Control work year-round to fight the mosquito. The action is done through visits and elimination of breeding sites.

Another strategy is to visit closed properties, without residents, and properties that are undergoing construction.

Inspection of dengue combat agents in Piracicaba — Photo: Publicity/ Piracicaba City Hall

  • Eliminate standing water sources;
  • Keep the potted flower and plant dishes with sand to the edge of the vase;
  • Keep bottles with the mouth facing down;
  • Always clean the pipe gutters;
  • Do not litter on vacant lots;
  • Always place garbage in closed bags;
  • Keep buckets and water tank properly covered and pools with chlorine placement;
  • Keep tires away from rain and water;
  • Piercing aluminum cans before being discarded so as not to accumulate water;
  • Clean poultry and animal drinking troughs at least once a week.
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Dengue has some similarities to Covid-19. The orientation is that residents who have fever, headache, muscle pain and skin patches seek a health service to undergo assistance and, if necessary, undergo exams.

As reported by the administration in a previous bulletin, until July 8, most of the confirmed cases of dengue were in residents of the central region and the north of the city. At the time, the total number of cases was 4,904.

  • North: 1,102
  • Sul: 747
  • Leste: 793
  • West: 520
  • Center: 1,530
  • Rural: 210
  • Region not informed: 2

Piracicaba City Hall postponed the resumption of the “Aedes do Bem” project, which in the past generated positive results in the city. The reason, according to the municipal administration, is the cost of the initiative.

In February, the Municipal Health Department had already revealed its intention to reactivate the initiative. In April, he pointed out the possibility of a resumption in May.

In July of this year, via the Access to Information Law, the folder communicated that there was no resumption and that “the main reason was the high cost”.

The secretariat did not inform the value proposed by the company that owns the technology or if there is a new date to carry out this type of fight against the transmitter of dengue in the city.

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