“Pirate” programs in professional studios, fines of 40 million

Seven out of ten companies and professional firms controlled by the financial police used ‘pirated’ software, downloaded or duplicated illegally. This is what the financials discovered in the context of the ‘Underlicensing 2022’ operation, focused in particular on professionals who deal with the design, technical drawing, safety, structural calculation and energy certification of buildings, also in correlation with the interventions related to the superbonus. 110 percent.

The activity of the financiers took place in various Italian territories, including Milan, but also other Lombard provinces (Brescia, Monza, Mantua and Pavia), in the north (Trento, Verona, Novara and Modena) and in the center-south (Florence , Ancona, Lucca, Rome, Viterbo, Naples, Salerno and Brindisi). The military then intervened at the offices of 25 companies and design studios to verify the use of computer programs. And, as mentioned, in seven out of ten cases the software had been acquired irregularly.

Computers with ‘pirate’ programs were seized, for a total of 110 engineering, architectural, structural calculation and energy certification software. 18 professionals were reported to the judicial authorities: for them also administrative fines of over 14 million euros, equal to double the market value of illegal software. The collaboration of the software production companies and the use of Siac, the anti-counterfeiting information system developed by the financial police, aimed at protecting intellectual property rights, is fundamental.