Pirela fills some gaps in San Diego


The Trujillano (.304) has been the ideal substitute for the injured Wil Myers and Manuel Margot

CARACAS.- The injuries of some key players to the San Diego Padres have conditioned the start of the team in 2018, but José Pirela has found a way to keep the club “afloat.”
The Trujillo, although he had nothing assured in the spring training, became the first batter of the Padres and a fundamental pillar in the gardens.
For some analysts, their defense still does not achieve a high level and neither is Pirela the first one you remember when they talk about the first one in order, however, there is a personal work that deserves to be recognized. Before Sunday, Pirela is hitting .304, with seven extra-base hits and an equal number of RBIs, with both digits ranked second among the offensive leaders of the Band-Aids, who have forgotten with the performance of the criollo the injuries of Wil Myers and Manuel Margot.
Pirela, is not considered a power hitter, but, currently, of all major league hitters with at least 40 batted balls, second baseman ranks 25th in average starting speed, hitting balls at 90.0 mph. Eric Hosmer is the only batter of the religious who hits the ball with more force (90.6 mph) than he does, until now.
For many, Pirela must still get more passports – he only has 2- to be able to initiate towing opportunities, but for now his “swinish” strategy gives him results.
To polish the glove
According to FanGraphs defensive ratings, Pirela already has two defensive careers saved so far this year, after finishing with four last season. He has registered a rating of 1.4 as “last man”, good for the 8th best in MLB, and has a fielding value of 1.4 (1.1 in his career).


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