It is residents, anxious not to see one of the wind turbines located a few hundred meters from home, who give the alert to the gendarmerie on Tuesday, November 7 around 6am.

The machine, 90 meters high and 50 tons literally smashed on the ground. Technicians from the EDPR company, owner of the wind turbine, went on site to secure the site and try to understand what could have happened.

Each wind turbine is equipped with a device that records the parameters of the machine. Studying those of the wind turbine may help to determine the reasons for this collapse. "We also have now some observations that we could do on the ground, with these elements we will try to reconstruct what happened." Confided Patrick Simon, CEO EDPR France, adding that the company has some accident scenarios in mind but has no certainty about the cause or causes of the event.

The company says it wants to take the time to study the debris and the recordings to understand the causes but also to ensure that the accident does not happen again in other parks.

As a precaution, EDPR has stopped the activity of 20 machines of the same type on all of its park in Center-Val de Loire. All will be verified.
It will take several days, maybe even a full week to clear the debris from the fallen wind turbine.


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