Pizinger (48) has utrum: A STRICT PROHIBITION from the doctor!

Cracking concrete, a bumpy road full of potholes and, most importantly, several hours of columns are now forbidden adrenaline for the pregnant director of the endowment fund. “That’s one of the few things the doctor forbade me to do. I am not allowed to drive on the D1, because long journeys by car are not good at all, “confided Aha! Pizingerwho is in the seventh month of pregnancy.

He’s still working

“I was working with my son Kuba for two days before the birth at the Children’s Day in Motol. I hope they didn’t plan anything like that at work again, “she joked. After all, a few months before the deadline, she now took pictures for the Junge Way brand, with which her Kapka naděje endowment fund is cooperating, without any problems. Although she becomes a mother two years before she is 50, she feels very well.

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He finally eats

“Pregnancy is not a disease and fortunately I haven’t gained that much. My friends terrified me in advance that I would be like a whale, but I have about seven kilos upstairs. I will see if I will breastfeed, it is the job of a worker in the mine, I will finally be hired, “she added with a laugh.

The son is looking forward

For the first time, Vendula was pregnant with her husband Karel Svoboda († 68) at the age of 22. At that time her daughter Klárka was born († 5). “I felt more sick to my stomach now, a person is more tired because the weather and pressure are fooling, otherwise nothing special happens,” she compared the two pregnancies. He also has a son, Jakub (15), from his marriage, who is also said to be looking forward to his siblings. “His life role is changing, he is moving from primary to secondary school, he is going to work and I think he has his world. But I think I and his future sibling belong to him, “says Vendula.

An open interview with pregnant Vendula Pizinger! Where did she get pregnant, and it would be a boy or a girl?


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