TORINOMiralem Pjanic switch to Barcelona and leave the Juventus as part of the operation that brought the midfielder to Turin Arthur. The Bosnian will remain in black and white until the end of the 2019/20 season but has signed a four-year contract with the Catalans until 2023/24 and has decided to dedicate a message, accompanied by a video, to the Juventus fans on social networks.

Juve, Pjanic’s letter

“Breathe Mire, this is the refrain that I repeat in my mind, in the decisive moments of a game. And it is what I keep repeating to myself now, while I try to write what I am feeling right now. I arrived four years ago to try to win everything. Because even when you can’t, this is what a Juventus player must always try to do. They have been 4 intense years, lived alongside great professionals but above all real friends, with whom I shared victories and records , but also loving defeats one step away from the finish. It was years in which I matured as a man and as a father. This is the city where Edin grew up, becoming the first fan of this team, and where with my family we built the best memories of our life. I think we never say enough thanks, and therefore: Thanks to the Agnelli family. Thanks to all the companions who shared this path with me. Thanks to all the employees and members. re staff, who helped me grow. Thanks to the fans who made me feel special every day. Because if there is one thing I have learned, it is that there is no minimum time to fall in love. In the end it is very simple: wear this shirt like a second skin, always give everything and, you will never be wrong. But now we have little time to lose and a lot to go on to win until the end of the season. And so breathe Mire, because what seems so sad to you today, from tomorrow will be a splendid memory that you will carry in your heart for life “is the long and exciting letter from Pjanic to Juventus fans after the official transfer to Barcelona .


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