PKB Firmly Wants to Postpone Election Amid Waves of Rejection

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

National Awakening Party Faction (PKB) in the MPR insisted on proposing delay Election 2024 and the extension of the term of office of the president.

This was conveyed by the Deputy Chair of the MPR from the PKB faction, Jazilul Fawaid as well as responding to the statement of the PDIP General Chair Megawati Soekarnoputri who rejected the discourse.

“We respect the attitude and views of the PDIP chairman, which of course we pay attention to together. This is part of the dynamics of democracy today. However, please allow PKB, especially me personally, to continue the discourse on the postponement of elections. [2024],” said Jazilul when contacted on Thursday (21/4).

PKB is the first faction in parliament to submit a proposal to postpone the 2024 election, after Investment Minister Bahlil Lahadalia from a government element submitted it in early January.

The PKB proposal was immediately conveyed by their General Chair who is also the Deputy Speaker of the DPR, Muhaimin Iskandar alias Cak Imin, a month later or at the end of February.

The proposal to postpone the 2024 election was also conveyed by PAN through their general chairman, Zulkifli Hasan. Golkar General Chair Airlangga Hartarto also admitted that he had received this aspiration from the community and would follow up on it.

Until now, the support for the discourse of postponing the election is only supported by three factions in the DPR. The rest, as many as six factions have rejected, including PDIP, Gerindra, Nasdem, PPP, and two opposition parties Democrat and PKS.

Recently, PDIP General Chair Megawati Soekarnoputri again touched on the issue.

“I firmly say. No, no delay [Pemilu] at all. Keep going as it is,” said Megawati at the Kickoff event for the establishment of BRIDA, Wednesday (20/4).


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