PKB Insinuates Entrepreneurs Suddenly Want to Run for President, Who?


Deputy PKB Jazilul Fawaid threw sarcasm at businessmen who intend to run as presidential candidates (candidates). Jazilul thinks no fair if a businessman who has never been in politics but wants to run for president.

Jazilul initially said PKB wanted the 2024 presidential candidate to be born from a political party. This, according to him, is to prove to the public that political parties produce the best cadres.

“We hope that by 2024 these parties will provide evidence to the public that this party is working to produce cadres as much as possible, the candidate from the party chairman is better. fair,” Jazilul told reporters at the parliament complex, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (25/5/2022).

Jazilul then quipped that the businessman had never been in politics but suddenly wanted to run for president. He offended the businessman even though he did not mention his name.

Gini, yes, for example, if a person has never been in politics, he suddenly becomes a businessman nyalon isn’t it? fairthis has always been an entrepreneur aja don’t manage political party. PKB wants to civilize like thatI mean like that,” he said.

PKB Wants to Lead Coalition in 2024

Jazilul also talked about the coalition for the 2024 presidential election. PKB, said Jazilul, wants to form a coalition in the 2024 election.

“It is very possible, very possible because the PKB is the middle party, meaning that there are other middle parties, for example, NasDem agrees to go, so,” he said.

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