PKS Becomes the First Party in the DPR to Sue Candidate Conditions to MK

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) officially filed a judicial review lawsuit against the article on the requirements for the nomination of president-vice president or presidential threshold in the Election Law to the Constitutional Court (MK).

Thus, PKS became the first DPR seat-owner party to file a lawsuit against the article to the Constitutional Court.



PKS General Chair Ahmad Syaikhu said the requirement for ownership of 20 percent of DPR seats to carry presidential and vice presidential candidates was too high. Therefore, PKS sued him and proposed that presidential threshold to 7-9 percent of the DPR seats.

“We don’t want to move from the extreme pole where PT is very high at 20%, then move to the next extreme pole, namely PT 0%, therefore both of them will actually result in national problems. So, we took the middle way,” said Syaikhu, Wednesday ( 6/7).

Previously, there were several political parties that had filed a lawsuit against the Election Law to the Constitutional Court. However, all of them are not parties that hold seats in the DPR.

Political parties outside the DPR that have sued the articles in Law no. 7 of 2017 to the Constitutional Court, including the Prima Party, the Crescent Star Party (PBB) and the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI).

However, not all of them challenged the article on the requirements for presidential candidates. Only the United Nations has challenged the article.

Meanwhile, PSI and Prima have contested the conditions for political parties to participate in the election. Including questions parliamentary threshold.

The Gelora Party has also filed a lawsuit against presidential threshold in the Election Law to the Constitutional Court. However, Gelora is also not the party that holds the seats in the DPR.

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